Case Screen
    This would provide all information about the case in which the offender appears before a court (or from which an offender has reached the corrections or pre-trial supervision officer).  The main screen would have information such as the court and case name and number(s), offender AKAs, attorney(s) for defendant and, at least if indicted, the issuing DA; charges, custody status; if pre-trial, bail amount; if post conviction, disposition and sentencing provisions, including terms of probation if additional to standard; all matters filed in the case and their disposition, and all previous rulings of the court essentially all the information now presented by OJIN, and a link to OJIN may be the simple solution to this part.  Ideally, information from this screen would link to other screens automatically to provide relevant information for further operations.
     Subscreens would give ready access to details such as financial information, pretrial release history, and (post judgment) probation violation findings and performance.
     Users should be able easily to link to other screens - particularly to other case screens for the offender, and to the offender screens.  Other cases should be known for facilitating pretrial release decisions, sentencing choices, supervision management (before and after conviction), and probation dispositions.

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