Disposition Finalization and Recording Screen

    This screen is not necessarily part of the decision support software, but is a likely next step.  It gathers information from the Case, Offender, and Disposition Selector Screens (case name, offender name & AKAs, case number, court title, attorneys, charges pending or disposed of - or probation violation charges - or pretrial release status, etc), and allows the user (judge or courtroom clerk) to craft a written order by recording the court's decision in variable boxes or fields.  The printout would contain necessary language, selected as part of the decision-making process where it is variable, and would, in the case of a disposition of a trial or probation revocation determination, serve as a final judgment including such things as all sentencing details and financial elements.
     Ideally, when the screen is accepted, not only would appropriate copies print out for counsel and jail and probation personnel, but the newly created disposition information would be updated in the appropriate databases - OJIN, ISIS, etc.
     For usability, this screen should allow the user to hot-link to other screens for verification or further refinement of an order.  For example, while crafting conditions of probation, the court might want to refer back to a sanction detail screen to find out how much a program costs before determining whether and to what extent to suspend a fine; the court might want to revise the level of anger counseling after hearing some parting remarks of the offender; the court might want to consider a new component altogether, and therefore to return to the sanction decision support screens to evaluate which version to include.  Linking back to prior cases for the offender (or to the offender detail screens, depending on how they were constructed) would enable the user to determine which programs the offender has been through in the past.

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