and Development

  • Proposed Sentencing Decision Support Software Design This early vision piece sketches how proposed software would provide information to a user at (or in preparation for) a sentencing hearing
  • Resolution News  No. 1No. 2No.3; No. 4No. 5;  No. 6; a newsletter with step by step developments in bringing DSS to sentencing, release, and supervision decisions
  • Background of Multnomah County's "DSS-Justice" Project (of which Sentencing Support is one application)
    • The "Kitty Hawk" analogy  Our first use of sentencing support tools was announced to judges world-wide with this e-mail message, suggesting that our beginning promises as profound a change in criminal justice as Orville Wright's telegram of the first flight at Kitty Hawk brought in transportation.
    • Latest News about Sentencing Support States the most recent developments in bringing DSS Sentencing Support to the courtroom.