Offender Screen
This would give ready access to an offender's juvenile and adult criminal history, pretrial release and probation performance, wants and warrants, and outstanding probations and/or paroles (including "post prison supervisions").  Links would enable the user to access the case screen for each pending or closed criminal case in Oregon, and the screen should be allow the user easily to display data in a variety of formats (perhaps through subscreens or just by clicking on defaults or at column heads, like Microsoft Win95's Explorer - e.g., prior convictions only, all police contacts, all arrests, all failures to appear, failures to appear criminal only (as opposed to including traffic), etc.  PPDS, CIS, LEDS, SWISS, and OJIN should be primary sources.
 Subscreens might provide access to text entries by pretrial release, post conviction supervision, or evaluation personnel (PSI writers, mental health evaluations, etc).
 Properly designed, this screen would easily show what programs or sanctions the defendant has been sent to, failed, completed, or repeated, regardless of the case involved, with links to the cases involved.
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