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[Access DSS-Justice Sentencing Support Tools*]
The Sentencing Support User Manual for Judges*
The Crime Theme "None" to "Severe" Rules *
Caveat for use of Criminal History and other offender-level data

* requires Adobe Reader - may be printed, or contact Michael Marcus for a hard copy in color

    *Multnomah County's sentencing support tools are currently available only to those Multnomah County judges who have asked to be trained to use these tools, have a SecurID fob and PIN, and have a host script file installed by Jim Conlin.  These tools work only with Internet Explorer, not Netscape or other browsers.

    To contact Multnomah County DSS-Justice Project Manager Gail McKeel for technical assistance, click here: 
    To request a host script file from Jim Conlin, click here: 
    To send an e-mail to Michael Marcus to be added as a judge user, click here: 
    To access a web site with information about sentencing support technology, click here: 
    To return to the home page, click "Home" below, or click here: 
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