Sentencing Support Tools
Screen shots, user manual, and tech notes

      Unfortunately, the tools themselves cannot be accessed from the internet due to real bandwidth issues and security issues perceived by some criminal justice data providers.  From this page you can access a description with screen shots, a user manual, and technical details.  You may also wish to obtain a demonstration slide show or to contact us for further information.
  • Multnomah County's DSS/Sentencing Support Project   A step by step typical use with screen shots
  • Sentencing Support Tools introduction This is the screen a user first sees when exploring the tools from the
  • Internal Multnomah County Courts Homepage for criminal proceedings
    • the Attorney User Manual explains how to use the tools (again, screen shots are employed) (this version is for defense attorneys; judges and prosecutors access equivalent versons within our firewall) ( requires Adobe Reader)
    • Technical Notes on Multnomah County's Project explain how the tools use data warehouse technology and link to other pages providing more technical and historical information.